Only myself to blame.

10 01 2008

Last November I looked up all the online classes offered through UH. And let me tell you it was a long list. I’m not aiming towards any degree right now. Since I graduated from KCC in 2005 I’ve just been taking classes that interest me. Religion, Psychology, Art, etc etc. But last semester I took off. I didn’t enroll for any classes because I felt my load was pretty heavy already.

So I figured I’d be back in the game come January. Well my lame lazy procrastinating ass enrolled for nothing. Well until today. Since school starts on the 14th I’m pretty damn late. Only two classes I wanted to take were still open to me. Astronomy 110 and Business 125 Starting a small business. I sign onto my UH account, press add/drop courses . . .

Err… what?

“You are not a student for the selected term.” 

I checked and doubled checked. Sure enough I didn’t do anything wrong I was getting this stupid error.

Please oh please tell me I don’t have to re-register, get my TB test, and take that stupid placement test again.

I called admissions office and she confirms it. Well minus taking the placement test again. Not only to have to re-register and take my TB test, but I have to pay an additional $30 late registration fee. I can’t take another day off. I won’t make it back in time.

So it’s put off till Fall semester. Why oh why didn’t I get on the ball when I should of?

Score 1 for procrastination. Zero for Danni’s new year.



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