East Coast Bound

27 12 2007

In the last 2 weeks I have not really had much time to myself. Yet alone time to really do anything online. I was lucky enough to download some pics I took edit them and then upload them for the world to see. But have I had time, any real time to wish happy holidays to the people that mean something to me? Why no I haven’t.

Do I have any time to really write a proper well thought out entry? Why no I don’t. But I am trying. I’m attempting to. It’s T-minus 6 hours 44 minutes. I am not done backing. We haven’t taken a shower yet. I have two boxes to pick up and dinner to eat before we leave. This is going to be hella intense. I’m glad Short Stack is going to be with me the whole way.

That’s if I don’t lose him.

I’m kidding. *knocks on wood*

We have 2 stops before our final destination. The first one giving me only 45 minutes from the time we land till the next gate I have to chase down. I think I have everything I need to amuse my minion along the way, I hope.

But hopefully when we land the G-dad will let me borrow the laptop to actually write about my Christmas adventure. Which in itself was insane.

Well Love Peace and Turkey Grease.





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