25 12 2007

I’m going to post date this because I thought I posted it previously, but obviously never went through.

So my son’s Wish List went like this, Power Rangers, Legos, and Transformers. But with a big emphasis on Transformers and huge exclamations on Bumblebee.

So there was mainly only one on my mind. The Ultimate Bumblebee. Of which I thought I had to buy from eBay at a jacked up price because Oahu and Kauai were all sold out. Grrrr to them. But I was lucky that on the tiniest whim I checked my Wal-mart one last time and AHA!! It was there. The only one! I swept in and bought it before someone else saw it. I wrapped it up the best I can and made sure it was the last gift my son opened.

To see his face light up, claim “this is my favorite!”, and fancifully – if that’s a word – did a great dance for me. Of which I share with you.
[livevideo id=DriftJunky]



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