Thursday Thirteen #5

5 12 2007


13 Amazing things that happened to us this week.


1.Playing in the most unsanitary mud pit. It’s been storming here and when the rain let up for just a little bit I decided to go out and play in the mud puddles with my son. Since it’s been raining he’s been cooped up inside. We had tons of fun, got really dirty and he seeked his revenge on me with the water hose.

 mud pit


2. Our trip to Oahu. It was for Short Stacks 4th birthday. Although we are prematurely celebrating a week early. This weekend he has opened my eyes as to how much he truly loves traveling. Everything from checking in to picking up our luggage just amazed him and he loved it.

Oahu Bound.


3.  We actually had tons of time to spare to check out the Waikiki Aquarium. I’m so glad we did. We spent a fair amount of the morning in there.  And the Clown fish really do look like Nemo. lol. Short Stack loves fishes and I’m sure he is patiently waiting for us to set up the fish tank again. But the fishes we say at the Aquarium were simply amazing. Not only that, but I got some great shots of my son. These being one of them.

here fishy fishy fishy

4.  Nothing beats sharing and being a part of my son’s favorite hobby, cars. We went to Hot Import Nights and checked out nearly every car at least twice. I found my beautiful dream car. A Nissan 240sx. It was gorgeous. Short Stack and I both wanted sit in it. 😦

Zoom Zoom

5. Then there’s also nothing like watching my son blush when meeting a girl that has taken his heart, KT SO! She really wanted to hold him and tell him Happy Birthday, but he turned instantly shy and hid his face. Regardless, even though he was so speechless he didn’t like passing her table without say hi first.

Kt So

6. I didn’t think I was capable of it, but since there was no other kids in there – being that it was 8am – I played in the McDonald’s play place. Please don’t ask how hard it was to get in and out, but let me tell you it really smelt funny.

Playhouse fun

7.  Nothing beats capturing Kodak moments of The Beau torturing our son while he sleeps. Come on you can’t say you don’t do that too.


8.  So I may not believe in him. And I may not have the greatest imagination to keep up with my son’s imagination about Santa, but if his heart is really there and it keeps that sense of imagination, mystery, and excitement in his heart and eyes then I guess I can’t hold back Santa from him. I couldn’t help but become as excited as Short Stack  was to see Santa. It was like making my son’s dreams come true. He was antsy, anxious, excited, scared, and curious all at the same time. He made me want to sit on his lap and ask for something. I didn’t realize this, but my son made sure that guy knew where he lived, what he wanted, his name, how to spell it, and if he forgot to call my cell phone for directions. I wonder if Short Stack gets that paranoia of forgetting from me? lol.


9. Even though I didn’t get to watch the game because we went to the car show instead, University of Hawaii is undefeated. They beat Washington, which I thought was a miracle because the last I heard of the game the score was 28 – 14 in the 2nd Washington in the lead. I really thought UH was going to lose, but damn they pulled that miracle out of know where.


10. In one day we accomplished ALL of our Christmas shopping for practically everyone. And if we get any more gifts it will be for us. lol.


11. The sexist, degrading asshole from my work has left work for the rest of the year. I get to deal with his better half, JV. Sadly, I have to see him some time in January. But for now it’s a good thing.


12. I can finally start counting down till we are on our way to New York! I can’t wait to see you G-mama! Oh and you too G-papa. lol. But to bring Short Stack to finally play in snow, go sledding, ice skating, watch the ball drop, and tons of things more. I can’t wait.


13. On top of having an already amazing week already, this is the week I actually get to reminiscence almost 4 years ago being completely bloated and being the most anxious and impatient pregnant person in the world. Waiting for the day that I finally get to hold my beautiful son in my arms. Hear his first ear bleeding scream. Kiss his gorgeous head. And FINALLY be a mom. Though this was the hardest week of my life waiting for him, it was the most valuable learning experience I’ve ever had and has been ever since.





9 responses

5 12 2007

I’m impressed that you could climb up into a McDonald’s play place. I tried when my daughter was little. I couldn’t get past the first tunnel!

6 12 2007

Great Thursday post! Come take a sip of my blog up before someone else drinks it all!

6 12 2007
Nap Warden

Looks like good times…Have fun in NY!

6 12 2007
Linda R. Moore

Lovely TT 🙂 You are lucky to have a kid who likes travel. Ten times the fun. 🙂

I have three TTs this week:
13 emotions we could do without
13 things about Lodi, California
13 sayings from the biker community

6 12 2007

Great photos! I love Santa’s shirt!

6 12 2007

Those are adorable photographs. Quite the ladies’ man, that little one, with a good eye already for a hottie. That photo of you in the sphere…magical, like something from a fairy tale.

7 12 2007
Susan Helene Gottfried

Yep, that last paragraph sums it up. Isn’t motherhood grand? I mean, seriously. We get to act like kids and climb in the play places and jump in mud puddles and do all those things all over again.

Looks like you and Short Stack have fun together. I hope that’s how it always is for you two.

9 12 2007

I really enjoyed your list. Sounds likeyou and your son are having great times together!
Thanks for visiting my animated movies TT.

27 02 2008

I love the pic of the little man sleeping. Such sweet and cute torture while he dreams. lol. I dont have the time or the dedication to blog …but man you make it look like so much fun with the TT and Photohunts. lol.

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