Thursday Thirteen #4

29 11 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 Horrible Gift Ideas

Atleast I think they are horrible gift ideas. Some from personal experiences, I’ve been the receiver.

  1. Real life baby dolls. Ummm WTF? Even when I was growing up I didn’t see what was so great about having a doll that pees. Don’t we all get enough of changing diapers and feeding babies as it is?  
  2. Baby Pals for DS. This also goes along the lines of #1. Is this their form of teaching kids how to take care of children? Or is it teaching them that baby’s are like pets? I don’t know, but once again really retarded.
  3. Loud toy guns. I don’t know the exact name for it, but I’m sure you know what I mean. The damn toy guys that when you shoot there’s that LOUD screeching laser sound. On the box it says it’s no louder than 20dBs, that’s a bunch of crock too. My son received one for Christmas last year as a joke to put me through torture. Regardless to say to this day I hate that man. Lol.
  4. The Hillary Clinton Nutcracker. Though funny and I will admit I wanted it the moment I saw it, but the novelty of it wore off the next second.
  5. Non-interactive toys. You know the toys where you just put in the batteries and just sit there and watch it. My son received a Thomas the Train set for Christmas last year. He though it was cool and I thought it would be fun. But lo and behold all you do is sit there and watch him bring “coal” from Point A to Point B and back continuously. If you dare touch Thomas while he was moving it would screw up the whole rotation and my son ended up hating it.
  6. Gift Cards for Fast Food joints. Nothing says you are at the bottom of my list like a gift card from McDonald’s. I’m sure they won’t be “lovin it.”
  7. Fruit Cake. Period.
  8. Cinderalla Toaster. Umm… hmmm. Not only does it toast your bread, but it toasts your bread with Cinderella’s slipper on it. Nothing says tasty like burnt shoe on your bread. Did I mention it plays music also? Uhhh yea… I’ll pass.
  9. Socks. I prefer to buy my own socks. And besides you can get socks any time of the year. While Christmas is left to get those special gifts that you can’t get yourself through out the year. So please leave the socks out of it.
  10. The cheaper older version. I know you mean well. We all mean well when we buy gifts, but honestly to the people receiving they don’t see that. For instance you may get a wish list from your kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids, etc. on their list they are probably very precise as to what model and version of this gift they want. Without a doubt it’s the newest and most expensive. So let’s take for example Apple’s new iPod Touch and they want the 16Gb, but Goddess knows you can’t afford to buy that one. So you opt for the 80g iPod Classic. Sure that’s still a great gift and they will try to pretend they like it or not, but with some damn rotten kids they will probably scream at you for not getting the right one. So you might as well have gotten some completely different. Believe me, been there done that and that kid isn’t getting anything from me this year. Damn kid.
  11. Bratz Dolls. So for a while not it’s been the alternative to Barbie. Sure I wasn’t really into Barbie, but I don’t understand why some girls prefer Bratz dolls. Yet alone the make up kits. We are talking mini skirts, mid-drifts and more make up that even prostitutes are amazed. At least Barbie was sometimes a teacher, an astronaut, and even a veterinarian. All I see in Bratz are under dressed, piled on make up, snotty, dumb dolls.
  12. Gifts with messages. I’m talking about those shirts with annoying messages on it. For example, “Baby in the oven” with the arrow pointing down. Take it from me, pregnant women will not find that funny or sweet. It’s tacky and ugly. I’m sure these make great gifts for people under 16. This has happened to me.
  13. Gifts you actually want. Now I’m talking about those gifts that you actually want, but buy for someone else in hopes that the person receiving it won’t want it and insists you have it. Now that is just down right dirty and shameful. Might I add pathetic? This has also happened to me.



4 responses

29 11 2007

This is so true. I think all guns are terrible gifts, loud or not.

29 11 2007

My daughter loves the bratz dolls, but I have to agree, they’re not the best choice.

I gave one as a gift this weekend to my neighbor’s daughter for her birthday…if it wasn’t for the fact that she carries around my daughters dolls all the time, I would have gotten something different. They’re at least the Bratz Babies but that’s about as bad!

29 11 2007

I second the motion on #10. My kids will ask the grandparents for a cool Leatherman, and get a Chinese knockoff that breaks in the first ten minutes. No exaggeration. And it’s so disappointing to ask for a certain CD, and get a different one, sometimes not even by the right band, just one that the sales person said was a lot like them… what’s up with that? And I have lots more stories. So, yeah, I agree, and my kids do too.

1 12 2007

The Hillary Nutcracker will probably become a collectible one day and earn a buck or two on eBay. The same is not true of socks though!

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