No TT!

22 11 2007

No wonderful Thursday Thirteen this week. Way too busy with Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is going to be everywhere! Start off with having a brunch Thanksgiving with The Beau’s friends down at the beach, then work our way to The Beau’s mom’s house for lunch and then off to The Beau’s dad’s house for linner.

Oh you’re asking why not my family? Well they aren’t really doing anything. I don’t think they really ever do. My dad is going to be hanging out with his friend watching their son’s motocross race today and then BBQing. I don’t feel like being around that strange man. Not that I would care, I don’t care for my dad’s BBQ skills, lol.

I have Short Stack till 4:30 today so I’m stoked I get him for at least half of the day. But this has to be short and sweet, we need to start going. RAWR!

I hope Starbucks is open today I could really got for a Iced venti passion with 3 ps of melon, 3 ps of razz and lite strawberry. mmmmmmm