Photo Hunt #1 : Flexible

10 11 2007


So this is my first Photo Hunt. Today’s theme was Flexible.

Now I know this is just an image of my son, in fact its the same image under My Family tab. But behind it lies the definition of flexible, at least family wise it does.


Regardless of all the things happening in my life, whether it be school, work, sickness, id theft, family problems, etc. I must always be flexible enough for my son. Because he will always come first. His feelings, health and happiness are my number one priorities. I may have some pretty big important projects happening at work, but I am always willing at the first chance to leave the moment my son is sick, the second he is depressed and within the same heart beat that he misses me.


As parents we must learn to be flexible with all obstacles in our life. We need to remember that life will come at you fast, but if you aren’t flexible to make life work around your kids you’ll miss out on watching your kids grow up. Everything else in life can be made up and pushed back a little later, but your kids only grow up once.


Well this is my first whack at it. And honestly the only person that came to mind.



One response

16 11 2007

I would call that flexible! Welcome to Photo Hunt.

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