Finally the Weekend!

9 11 2007

The last two weeks I’ve been just racking my brain over so many things.

The Holidays!

The hundreds of family gatherings we are going to be invited to from now till January. The presents to get family, friends, and co-workers. The birthday parties to attend and the one to plan. The decorations and festivities to plan, organize and do.


The projects I still haven’t finished, yet started. The “big wigs” I still have to impress and make happy. And the many days we back to back with non stop support till Christmas week.

My son’s 4th Birthday!

The plans that I start putting forth getting shot down the next day. I’m so close to just booking the first flight out and taking him to the car show after all. But I’m so eager to have an actual kids party for him.

No time to even just breath. Except for now. Tonight I’m relaxing. Short Stack and I prepped dinner and then Beau taught Short Stack how to cook on the grill. mmmm BBQ cow. So it’s steak, sauteed mushrooms, corn and green beans. mmmmm. So good.

Then I will slowly getting to writing up my projects for work and planning my son’s birthday. It’s still up in the air. Well I have 3 weeks to decide. I haven’t been able to do my Thursday Thirteen’s for two weeks now. I had some good lists too. Hopefully, tonight I can get to my Photo Hunters. I’ve missed the last 3 weeks. grr.

I’m off to eat some dinner with my family now. They are done and I’m already missing them.



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