One down millions to go

28 10 2007

Before the year is over I am crossing off one more thing on my “Things to do before I die list. . ”

Spending New Years in New York. I bought me and Short Stacks tickets a few days ago and will be staying with my son’s Godmother in Albany. I’m excited. It’s also going to be Short Stacks first time in the snow and by far his longest flight. The only other place he’s traveled to is Oahu and California.

I’m not too worried though. He’s generally pretty good traveling. I’m going to be stressing our stop in Phoenix to Philadelphia. We have 45 minutes between landing and taking off. So we leave for NY Dec. 27 and come back January 5, 2008.

Whoa! 2008! That’s crazy.

Sadly, Beau won’t be coming with us. He didn’t want to. That party pooper. More so he couldn’t afford it on his end. But he wants to take Short Stack to Oahu the beginning of December for Hot Import Nights, again. Beau took Short Stack for his 3rd birthday last year and they both loved it! So Beau wants to make it a yearly event for us all.

So one things for sure Christmas budget for everyone else is going to be tight. Sorry guys, but my family festivities come first, lol.



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