My First Thursday Thirteen meme

18 10 2007



13 Things I Say Everyday


1. “Please don’t stick your fingers in your mouth. I know your hands aren’t clean.”


2. “For Pete’s sake please wash the dishes already!”


3. “I wonder what will happen if I. . . . . “


4. “Please take your hands out of your pants.”


5. “No sweetie that’s not what she said. . . . “


6. “Please stop licking me I’m not a (insert something you suck or lick)”


7. “That is so not kosher.”


8. “Honey, please buy me (insert some ridiculously expensive item here)”


9. “No we aren’t gangstas we’re ninja pirates.”


10. “Uhhhh, No.”


11. “I don’t care about the 10 second rule, don’t eat the food off the ground.”


12.”I don’t care if so and so has it, I already said No.”


13. “I love You.”


You’d be surprised who I say these too. Believe me it’s hardly ever my son. Except for the last one. I tell him that nearly ever 10 minutes.





5 responses

18 10 2007

Hahaha, some of those are just plain funny! Happy T13 and welcome to the meme!

Mind if I use this idea for my next T13?

18 10 2007
SJ Reidhead

My mother’s favorite was “We’ll see” – or a way to say no.


19 10 2007
Angela at mommy bytes

Ah yes, I recognize the universal Mom language. It often runs over to other people as well! Welcome to TT!

19 10 2007

Thanks for dropping by my TT! You said you wanted to learn the ‘code link’, so I thought I’d drop in and tell you my secret….

Go there. The rest will explain itself. Don’t worry, you can sign up with them for free and there’s NO spam. I’ve never received an email from them except when I forgot my password and had to request it.

20 10 2007
Wakela Runen

Wonderful list. Welcome to TT!!

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